Enterprise Risk Management

Mobile telecommunication industry in Indonesia requires an extensive and explicit evaluation on risk management. Technology, competition, business ethic, regulation and obedience are some of the examples of the many risks potential that are faced by the company. Hence, the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is needed as one of corporate governance supports.

Currently, XL has adopted ISO 31000 framework that is run through ERM to face the potential of many risks. The complete and flexible ISO 31000 provides an adequate space for XL Axiata in assessing, evaluating, and managing company risks. The integration between ERM process and internal audit also guarantees the effectiveness of risk treatment plan.

The known geological conditions in Indonesia also indicates that the business inherits the natural disaster risks and XL has prepared itself to handle any unwanted situation through Business Continuity Management (BCM). The BCM committee has been established to guide and manage the implementation of BCM. BCM main principles are to focus on the safety of employees and their families, continuity of service for the customers, also to minimalize company losses. BCM management also includes Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The services provided to the customers are also dependent on many business partners. Hence, XL Axiata aware that it is important to perform an integration between BCM and the business partners, also ensuring the implementation of business partnership to avoid harmful business risks.


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