Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Mechanism

Whistleblowing mechanism is established as a means of a report submission if someone finds issues or actions that are allegedly violate the laws or the Company’s code of conducts. Violation Whistleblowing mechanism applies to all the Company’s employees, without exception, and including and not limited to:

  1. Board of Commissioners.
  2. Board of Directors.
  3. Permanent Employees.
  4. Contracted Employees.
  5. Employees hired from a third party


Complaint Process

If the Company’s employee (internal) or external parties finds suspected unlawful behavior or acts or violation of code of conducts in the workplace and the employee is not comfortable to escalate through normal procedure, then they can report through following whistleblowing channel:

  1. Calling telephone number (021) 579 59800
  2. Sending report through electronic mail to whistle@xl.co.id.
  3. Online reporting at Company’s website, https://www.xl.co.id/id/about-us/governance/whistleblowing


Protection for Whistleblower

Whistleblowing Office (“WBO”), a unit that established to receive the report, will protect and maintain confidentiality of the whistleblower as well as guarantee the protection for the whistleblower from threats that may arise as a result of such reporting.


Complaint Handling

WBO unit serves as a liaison for whistleblower who reports alleged violation of the laws and/or Company’s code of business conducts. This unit receives information, complaints, and reports, and then manage the investigation process on those information, complaints, and reports based on Company’s regulation and guidance from Whistleblowing Committee. Furthermore, based on the investigation conducted by WBO, the whistleblowing committee will make recommendations to Defalcation Committee that is appointed by Board of Directors.


Parties Managing the Complaint

Parties who manage the complaint is WBO unit, resided under Audit and Risk Management Organization.


Results of Complaint Handling

If based on the investigation results the reported person is proven guilty, then the reported person will be dealt with in accordance with the Company’s Regulations and the applicable laws and regulations.


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