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The Company’s Articles of Association stipulates that if the Company booked net profit for the year, the Company can distribute dividend to the shareholders based on a recommendation from the Board of Directors and after having obtained approval from the General Meeting of Shareholders

The distribution of dividend will depend upon Company’s profit for the year, capital adequacy, financial condition and any other circumstances as deemed necessary based on Board of Directors consideration and in accordance with existing laws and regulations

Board of Commissioners Meeting on January 28th, 2011, had approved cash dividend distribution policy is minimum of 30% of normalized net income with the intention of progressively increasing the payout ratio in the future. prevailing regulations

Tanggal Rapat Umum Pemegang SahamPengumuman DividenRecording DateTanggal Pembayaran DividenJumlah DividenDividen per saham
31 Mei 2006Tidak ada pembagian Dividen
26 April 200730 April 200725 Mei 200711 Juni 2007Rp 67.168.668.000Rp 9,473719
4 April 20087 April 20082 Mei 200816 Mei 2008Rp 141.800.000.000Rp 20,-
19 Maret 2009Tidak ada pembagian Dividen
19 Maret 2010Tidak ada pembagian Dividen
14 April 201115 April 201116 Mei 201131 Mei 2011Rp 911.487.000.000Rp 107,-
29 Maret 20122 April 201225 April 20129 Mei 2012Rp 1.107.414.000.000Rp 130,-
11 April 201312 April 20137 Mei 201322 Mei 2007Rp 135,-
22 April 201423 April 201419 Mei 20144 Juni 2014Rp 539.719.000.000Rp 65,-
1 April 2016Tidak ada pembagian Dividen
31 Maret 2017Tidak ada pembagian Dividen

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