5 Years Financial Highlights

The highlights contain annual key summary of financial condition, such as income, financial position, return ratios and other relevant financial information in the relevant industry.



Statement of Comprehensive Income (In IDR Billion)201220132014201520162017
Total comprehensive income/(loss) 2.7441.056-8308397403
Total comprehensive income/(loss) attributable to owners of the parent entity2.7441.056-8308397375
Total comprehensive income/(loss) attributable to the owners of the parent entity and non-controlling interest2.7441.056-8308397375
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Rp)324121-94-33835
Financial Position (In IDR Billion)
Total Assets35.45640.27863.63158.84454.89656.321
Total Liabilities20.08624.97749.58344.75319.21034.691
Total Equity15.37015.30014.04814.09221.20921.631
Return Ratios 
Profit/(Loss) to Total Equity Ratio (ROE) (%)19,06,7(5,5)(0,2)2,11,8
Profit/(Loss) to Total Asset Ratio (ROA) (%)8,32,7(1,6)0,00,70,7
Profit/(Loss) to Total Revenue Ratio (ROS) (%)13,04,8(3,4)(0,1)1,81,6
Current Ratio (%)41,973,786,464,547,047,2
Debt to Equity Ratio (x)0,91,22,11,90,70,7
Debt to Total Asset Ratio (x)0,40,40,50,50,30,3
Asset Turnover (x)0,60,50,40,40,40,4
Shares information
Total shares outstanding8.526.276.6118.534.490.6678.534.490.6678.541.381.67010.687.960.42310.687.960.423



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