Upgrade 4G SIM Card on Your Own
Upgrade 4G SIM Card on Your Own

Upgrade 4G SIM Card on Your Own

21 Apr 2017

Advances in technology are now making things easier for us. One of them is the mechanism of Over The Air or commonly called the OTA.

Now, we no longer need to configure the internet, MMS, or update various applications on the phone to the latest version in a manual way. Any configuration on the phone like the latest operating system updates and applications now can be done over the air. Simply click the "Update" button, the operating system or application is immediately updated to the latest version.

OTA also can upgrade your old XL SIM Card X to XL 4G SIM Card. Or if you already have a 4G SIM Card XL and did not have time to visit the XL Center or XL Xplor, there is a practical and fast event to directly enable 4G signal via OTA.


Before starting to upgrade, please backup contact or save your contact data first. Here are few ways to backup your contact:

How to Backup Contact in iPhone:

How to Backup Contact in Blackberry:

How to Backup Contact in Android:

Here is how to activated the 4G LTE Network:

Already secure all your contact data? Now it's time to activate SIM CARD XL 4G via OTA. Here's how to enable the 4G LTE network.

Isn’t it very easy to activate your 4G XL SIM Card via Over The Air or OTA? Do not worry, because all the contact numbers on your old SIM Card will not be disappeared and will be directly transferred to your new 4G SIM Card XL. Make sure you have also activated the XL internet package that suits your needs.

Good luck and enjoy XL 4G LTE network with internet speed up to 150 Mbps for all internet activities!

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